Saturday, November 21, 2015

Another amazing party to end the season.  The 1920's speakeasy theme was embraced heartily, with flappers, gangsters and even and a cop.  Lloyd was honored for 25 years of service to the CYC RC and in his case, he has contributed more than his fair share of work, including a stint as RC chair.  Thanks, Lloyd.

Alina put together this silent film that morphs to a surprise for the outgoing Chair.

Thanks to the social committee that worked long and creative hours to transform Monroe to the Speakeasy and to Alina for the video and coordinating the presentations.  Special shout out to Helle- we are lucky to have such a dedicated and talented party planner, even if she has to manage details from a long distance; thanks.

Rick was presented with the anchor he broke.  Winners of the Speakeasy awards are as follows:
Best Photo Featuring Race Committee: Janet, a very proper RC
Most Dramatic Recovery: Martin for multiple rescues
Best Photo with a Nautical Theme: Chris, Starting at Sunset
Best Costume Design:  Helle RC vests
Biggest Loser: Bob, multiple boats in the Verve
Best or Worst Weather Day: Rick, for Sheldon Clark
Best Performance in a Leading Role: Nancy (finally) 
Best Performance in a Supporting Role: 

Best Quote: Sue Gray, I drop flags...

Nancy, have fun as the 2016 RC Chair; we'll be there to support you.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nominations for 2014 Diamond Awards

Here they are! Your nominations for the CYC Race Committee Diamond Awards!

The nominations for the ten awards categories are below.  After reviewing all the nominations, vote for your favorites here: sorry - voting is closed
Voting will close midnight on Thursday, November 20.  Winning nominees will be announced at the appreciation dinner on November 22nd. 

We collected nominations in the following categories:










A. Beach Party by Karen McLane
B. Course Change, Proper Form by Stan Mehaffey
C. T-10 NAC Start by Stan Mehaffey
D. Jill at work by Karen McLane

E. RC Models by Janet Baxter

F. Who is Starting by Jeff Glowski

A. Verve Offshore Distance Race: Bob Nutter
We’d developed a reputation of, well, struggling with distance race finishes at our big 3-day regattas and this year at Verve we really wanted to get it right. But Saturday morning we had some last minute cancellations and part of our distance crew was really needed on a signal boat - which meant they needed to leave to dock Now. We were scrambling to hand off the information and equipment for the distance race volunteers who wouldn't show up until that afternoon when Bob walked in. He wasn't signed up, but had shown up early to see if he could help. He was able to quickly get up to speed check the equipment, the SIs and meet the finish boat owner while the rest of us took off to start the buoy racing. It was a huge help to have some one with the experience and know-how take over. Although there was some other drama (engine failure) the finish boat was on station well in time for the first finishers.

B. Volunteering Holiday for Verve Offshore Signal Boat: Helle Getz
The week before the Verve, we were still scrambling to come up with enough signal boats.  The regatta coincided with a Power Fleet cruise and we were coming up empty.  Out of nowhere Holiday was on the list of volunteer boats.  At first we thought it was an error - Helle and Clem were supposed to be on some exotic vacation across the lake or something.  But when upon inquiry, we found that Helle & Clem had indeed offered to stay and allow us to use Holiday as a signal boat.

C. Handling Sinking Vannena: Rick Lillie
One day I was out doing markset with Rick and Brenda Vander Leek on Vannena.  I think it was Brenda’s 3rd or 4th day on RC. We had 3-5ft waves and had closed the cabin door because it kept slamming.  Just as we were about to head home for the day, Brenda, opened the cabin door and says 'uh, is there supposed to be this much water down here?' There was water all the way to the top of the cushions in the cabin. When we opened the engine compartment, my heart just about dropped through the bottom of my stomach and I know my jaw dropped, there was water nearly up past the casing.   I was positive we’d be swimming in a few minutes. Rick stayed calm.  He had everyone put life jackets on and hailed Scott on carrier. We were able to get the bilge pumps working and didn't find any leaks; we must have taken a lot more water over the rail than we realized. Rick's calm and collected handling of the situation was reassuring and impressive.

D. Lunch RescueChuck Nevel
Bob Johnson had been out on the water all morning helping out with the practice day for the Etchells NAs.  Come lunchtime, he opened the cooler to discover the lunch he had carefully stashed in there at 6am that morning was gone!  Some enterprising & thoughtful person had cleaned out all the coolers later that morning in preparation for 4-5 days of racing & constant use. The carefully secured lunch was mistaken as leftovers from the previous weekend. Chuck tracked down a replacement lunch and brought it out to Bob, thereby letting the practice day continue uninterrupted.

E. Phone Rescue: Sean Ellis and Scott Souders
The tender staff (Kate & Martin) had been helping RC tie up and close up shop for the day.  Somewhere in the mix, the tender phone went swimming.  At the encouragement of many members of RC, Scott and Sean employed many tactics to recover the phone, including but not limited to, diving in the freezing waters.  RC members helped by dialing the phone, which as a waterproof phone continued to ring from the murky depths. 

A. Etchells NAC by Grant Egan

B. One Particular Harbor by Darcy Cook
C. Low Sun by Ellen Sampere
D. Colorful T-10s by Stan Mehaffey
E. Infinite Diversion first to finish by Stan Mehaffey
F. Mackinac Sunset by PK Lichtenberger
G. No Frostbiting Today by Janet Baxter
H. Stormy night in Chicago by Crib Cam

A.  Sunday of NOOD Regatta: Janet Baxter
No sailing due to extreme wind and waves. The day Carrier buried her bow when she was taken out to check conidtions beyond the breakwall.

B. Spring Frostbiting: Karen Kinsey
We set a new record by canceling the first four weeks of racing due to ice in the harbor.

C. T-10 and Verve Offshore: Rick Lillie and Karen Kinsey 
An amazing four consecutive days of beautiful sailing weather.

D. Saturday Verve Inshore: Karen Kinsey
There was no sailing due to no wind, but there was plenty of fog and incoming storm. 

E. Late October Frostbiting:  Darcy Cook and Bob Johnson
The last few weekends of October featured sun, mild winds and temps in 60s and 70s.


A. Harry Potter Wind Wand: Amy Schwartz

B. Cat in The Hat Postonement Hats at NOOD: 
Rick Lillie

C. Queen Amidala for Halloween Frostbiting: Darcy Cook

D. Verve Cup RC shirts that needed a bit more tea: Martin Sandoval

E. Mac Dock Squad Uniform: Alina Dix


    A. Lost Power: Christopher Collins
    While driving Mac during the NOOD, Christopher lost engine power and had to call for rescue.

    B. Lost Clipboard: Jill Danly
    At the end of day at Verve, Jill's favorite clipboard flew overboard with all the Verve Cup record logs. Rescue was attempted but proved unsuccessful.

    C. Lost Cell Phone: Kris Hosbien
    Kris's cell phone flipped out of her hand and went splash!

    D. Lost Swim Platform: Jeff Glowski
    When Jeff drove Vanenna away from the dock it had a swim platform. Sometime around lunch the signal boat noticed it was suddenly gone! It remains a mystery where and how it disappeared.

    E. Special Entry: The Twisted Tea That Tex Threw-up


    A. 2014 Mac-Post Docking: Janet Baxter

    B. The Nun in the Taxi: Bob Johnson

    C. The Farmer and his Horse: Bob Johnson

    D. Dancing with Veuve: Sean Ellis


    A. Verve Inshore Confident Weather Forecasting: Jason Smith
    The first day of the Verve Inshore, it was so foggy at times you couldn’t see the other side of the harbor mouth, let alone the nun buoy.  On the radar, you could see a massive red and yellow blog bearing down on us all the way from the Iowa border.  Jason spent about five minutes checking the maps, and told us that ‘Sure the fog would clear out right around 2pm, followed immediately by the red and yellow storm hitting us.  2pm, give or take 30 minutes.’  His good call allowed the OA to call off racing early and work with Jill to move the party and dinner earlier. Any complaining racers ate their words when it all happened just as predicted.

    B. Mac Engine Repair & Rescue at NOOD: Martin Heft
    Mac had been having engine difficulties during the NOOD.  On way to return to the harbor, the engine gave up. Martin came out on a RIB and briefly got the engine working again. When it became apparent that Mac couldn't make it in under her own power, Martin set up a side tow and brought the larger boat safely back to harbor.  

    C. Pest Control and Entertainment during Mac Rescue at NOOD:Sean Ellis 
    Sean came out with Martin to rescue Mac during the NOOD.  Although he wasn't able to perform any mechanical miracles, he kept everyone safe by killing 77 flies on the return trip and singing sailing shanties to keep everyone's spirits up.

    D. Race to Racine: Amy Schwartz and Alina Dix
    RC was tasked to finish the Race to Racine as part of CYC's annual cruise. This is a night finish off the harbor mouth.  With all the planning of the annual cruise, the finish line equipment didn't make it to Racine.  Amy and Alina fetched the equipment and drove it up to Racine, allowing RC to be fully prepared for the first finishers that night. 


    A. T-10 NAC: Starting 11 T-10 races without using the I-flag. - Rick Lillie

    B. Docking 315 boats  at Mac - Janet Baxter

    C. Scoring 31 races over 17 weeks - Marian Jana

    D. Manually hauling the anchor during the Belmont Beer Cans - Jane McMillan 

    10. BEST QUOTE

    A. Fear of Facebook: "I don't allow anyone to take photos of me nude anymore, now that Facebook is what it is." Janet Baxter

    B. Learning Curve: "I should have listened to Janet" Jay Kehoe

    C Spoken From the Heart: "I love pulling marks."  Alina Dix

    D. Making Do: "I pinged Carrier because the nun wasn’t around." Bob Johnson

    Sunday, April 13, 2014

    April 12-13 High School Team Race Invitational and Frsotbite

    6 teams of high school sailors raced in this first qualifier.  Each team has 3 boats and they race against only one team at a time.  Who cares who wins- it's the total points that count.  You only want the team to win, which makes for some interesting tactics, blocking out or slowing an opponent so your teammate can pass through.  8 to 11 minutes for each race.  We ran 42 races this weekend.

    Olof was the race officer and did a great job keeping things moving.  He's been practicing in Monroe Harbor, which thawed or broke up sooner than Belmont.  We had raced right outside Belmont, except for a while on Saturday when it got too windy out there.  Then we enjoyed warm weather and sunshine in the harbor.  Sunday we were back outside in a southwester that just would no blow from the southwest.  Then the big shift came - twice the velocity and from the northeast, across that cold, cold water.  Instant temperature change.  We re-set the course and got going pretty quickly, and then the fog rolled in.  Really solid fog- even with our very short course you couldn't see top to bottom.  We finished up the races that were on the course, which was just enough to count today's racing for the scores.  Then we escorted all the boats carefully back into the harbor and we didn't lose anybody.  The frostbite team brought their boats in too and after consideration, cancelled the afternoon session.

    We've had lots of support from the staff lately- thanks Chuck, Scott, Bobby, and Sean.  All the high school coaches were very helpful with the regatta, too.
    Chuck taking photos

    Michael Leslie, posing in the sun

    can you see the puff on the water?

    by C Nevel

    Janet B
        photos by Janet B, excapt that last one, which is Chuck's.

    RC Refresher April 5, 2014

    The refresher started with the boat operators refresher - anyone certified to drive must go through this course to drive this year.  Scott went over the specifics of each boat and then we had practice!  short drills in the harbor, controlled run, pivot turn, backwards slalom and docking.  The weather cooperated although the water is still pretty cold.

    For the afternoon session we had a lot of people, including a fresh crop of newbies, which makes us all happy.  We spent a long time on introductions and went over some basics, then broke into working groups for learning and practice in knots, wind reading, radio, recording, GPS and other race committee skills.  The Race Officers discussed how to handle the 2014 crack down on bad sail numbers and other topics

    main session

    gallery & overflow seating

    clove hitch - why on your own arm?

    At the end of the day, we had a small celebration for Lynn to congratulate her on the new job and to wish her well in San Francisco.  We signed a burgee - the same one that flew over Belmont when Lynn first started here.  We gave her some praise and some stories and even a gift to remember us by.  Good Luck Lynn.  We'll miss you.

    Janet B
      photos by Janet B, Jill Danly and whoever else grabbed the camera

    Monday, November 25, 2013

    Photos of Oscar Night

    Dear Helle and Janet,

    Thanks for planning a great evening and thanks for all that you do on and off the water for our racers!!
    Please see link attached for all the photos for the evening.  Share with whomever you wish.
    When you click the link, you'll see the photos.  Touch the photo and it will expand it to show the full image.
    I will keep this link live for 2 weeks, and then remove the photos.  So have everyone check them out soon.

    Enjoy and thanks for letting me be the paparazzi!
    Chris Albanis

    CYC is creating a photo gallery for long term.

    Chris used Dropbox to share some files with you!

    Click here to view CYC RC Oscar Night.

    © 2013 Dropbox

    Sad Race Committee Diaries

    Sunday, November 24, 2013

    Saturday Night - November 23 - Appreciation & Oscars

    I know that this party was a good one.  My only measure is that I had a fun time.

    Many other people seem to have had fun with our theme and the marvelous decor put together by the Party Committee and club Staff.  The Service awards are lovely champagne flutes with a custom bag for the bottle ( not supplied so you can pick your own ).

    Service Awards went to:
    Olof A
    Nancy A
    Nick B - Nick has been promoted and is taking a new position in Reno!
    Janet B 5
    Cathy 5
    Gaetan C
    Melissa C
    Christopher 1
    Darcy C
    Janet C
    Collein D
    Jill D
    Nikki D
    Sean E
    Lisa G
    Helle G
    Jeff G
    Chuck G
    Joanne 1
    John H
    Bob J
    Mary J
    Lloyd K
    Tom K
    Karen 1
    Rachel 2
    Stephanie 1
    Rick L
    Lynn L
    Elissa M
    Tim M
    Karen M
    Jane M
    Chris M
    Mary M
    Chuck N
    Debbie N
    Bob 5
    Cathy P 1
    Michelle R
    Mimi R
    Ellen S
    Amy 1
    Jerry S
    Tim S
    Nancy S
    Scott S

    The numbers represent milestone years of service
    The biggest hit of the evening was the video, "Sad Race Committee Diaries" put together by Sean and Lynn.  It is hysterical, and we will try to get it on line for all to see again.  People were laughing too loud to catch all the lines.

    Our own Robin F was the master of the red carpet and Chris Albanis was the main paparazzi.  Those photos will be available in the near future. 

    Oscar Winners:
    Most Dramatic Recovery: Helle's iPad
    Best Production Design: Erik's Booklet
    Best Blog Entry: NOOD, Erik 
    Best Costume Design: Maleficent, Darcy Cook 
    Best Cuisine: Robin's Coffee Cake
    Best Picture: Kris H, It's going to be a long race
    Best Performance in a   Leading Role: Bob J, 47 days
    Best Performance in a Supporting Role: Helle calling all the volunteers
    Best Quote: “Never leave the wheel when you are driving.” - blogged by Joanne G
    Best Director: On the Water Director, Lynn, presented with a Director's Chair
    Best Chair: Janet B - Thanks for the anemometer, you guys are too Nice!

    Next up:  2014 planning.  All Race Committee meeting December 11, at Monroe 6:30

         Janet B

    Saturday, November 9, 2013

    Oscar Nominations

    The nominations are presented below for each category.  You may vote only one time, and must mark all categories in the same sitting.  No do-overs!  We share the entire ballot with you below, so that you can be prepared and the actual voting will take only a few moments.  Deciding the best might take longer.  Enjoy.


    Blacklock on Mute - Ellen Sanpere

    Hats - Janet Baxter’s camera

    ICC Team - having fun sailing - Chuck Nevel    

     ICC Team, Ready to Roll - Karen Kinseys camera

         It’s going to be a long race - Kristin Hosbein

    Joke's on you - Ellen Sanpere

                     No wind at Mac finish line - Kristin Hosbein

    Mark Set for J111 - Janet Baxter’s camera 

    Split gybes, just like we planned it - Joanne Guennewig

    •  “Haven’t you ever done this before?” Yelled to two new volunteers, one on her first day, the other on her second.
    • “It’ll be easy. Don’t worry.” - Lynn Lynch
    • “Look at that! Boats on the run evenly split, and now they’re using both gates!” - Various Race Officers
    • “Never drink until after you have scored” - Nancy Arnold
    • “Never leave the wheel when you are driving.” - blogged by Joanne Gunnewig
    • “What is this, a therapy session?” - Jerry Sebold
    • "Your Race Committee is in our opinion, one of the best… You’re very fortunate to have this professional organization at your club.” - Dick Olson, Owner of Hobgoblin
    • Maleficent - Darcy Cook    

      • New RC Shirts - Helle Getz
    • Spiderman NOOD Shoes - Sperry Topsiders  

    • Wizard Hat - presented to Erik
    • Bagels - Tom Keegan
    • Carole’s Cookies - Carole Goodman
    • Coffee Cake - Robin Finlay
    • Cookies - Lloyd Karzen
    • Pretzel Rods - Chef Jill Dedinsky
    • Course Boards - Rick Lillie
    • Distance Race courses - Rick Lillie
    • Compass spinner - Rick Lillie
    • Erik’s Booklet - Erik Schneider

    • Anchoring in almost the right spot to be the offset mark, after losing his engine in the NOOD, and being rounded by the entire fleet with barely a whisper of confusion - Jeff Glowski
    • Identifying the log floating in the starting area during the NOOD and alerting the Race Officer - Debbie Norris
    • Moving the markset boat closer to the gate, eliminating the potential confusion of boats trying to finish on a shortened course- Janet Baxter
    • Helle's i-pad slipped off Carrier, bounced on the deck and went into the water.  Helle yelled “man overboard” and pointed.  A Melges 24 nearby scooped it up and returned it, still dry inside it’s case.- Helle Getz
    • Nancy Arnold - Setting up, running and teaching Regatta Network
    • Jill Danly - Survey on communications (emails and phone calls)
    • Helle Getz - Calling each of the volunteers for the Verve Cup regatta
    • Mary McCarthy - Mid Summer party planning
    • Nancy Arnold - Scoring 65 boats in 31 races for the RYF season
    • Bob Johnson - 47+ days on the water
    • Tom Keegan - Four races at Sheldon Clark
    • Lynn Lynch - As NOOD PRO she attempted to free the wrapped prop
    • Rick Lillie - Starting and finishing nearly 40 races
    This is where you can enter the raffle - just copy the link in question 10 and paste to your browser.  At that survey, enter the raffle.  This will tell us how many people have voted.  Only the auditors at the accounting firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP will see the completed ballots.  No one else will know the results until the envelopes are opened on November 23, 2013.  See you there!

    READY TO VOTE?  Click Here: