Sunday, October 13, 2013

Race Committee Wins Inter-Committee Challenge!

After foolishly bragging about our great sailing team all summer, we actually won the regatta!  No one was more surprised than I was, but it just worked out that all the teams had a bad race or 2.  We won race 1 and were last in race two.  We won the final race this morning, moving us to a tie for first overall, and won on the tie breaker.  A total of 8 races were sailed, with each team getting 2 byes.  Not enough boats, even though CYC borrowed 2 from the Goldman Program.  Those were the two boats we got bullets with.

Our team had no skippers, so for the first time since college I stepped up to drive.  After the first race, they couldn't wrestle the tiller out of my hand.  Tim S did the main on Saturday but couldn't join us on Sunday so we taught Amy S how to manage it.  Stephanie L learned about halyards and topping lift and such strings.  The real work was done by our team captain, Karen K.  With energy, strength and enthusiasm, she trimmed jib and kite and set and jibed the pole.  Yes, she was busy.
Captain Karen & RC Chair Janet drink from the Fido Cup
We raced on Saturday morning (SE wind) which was lovely and sunny, then it got a bit cloudy but never rained much on us, thank goodness.  We came in for a big lunch yesterday then back out for more races in a puffy, shifty westerly.  After the races, the competitors gathered and there was too much beer and rum for me, but it seems to have had a worse effect on some of our competition, no matter how slow I felt this morning.

The team rallied behind me and although we were last off the dock we got to the start in time. Today was northerly (again!) and sunny.  We had a nice awards ceremony today at lunch.

We laughed a lot on the boat this weekend.  Sometimes at jokes, sometimes at ourselves and our misfortunes.  I'm amazed and proud that we did so well; it was a great team.  Of course, it is more fun to win!  Each competitor got a great looking and cuddly long sleeve fleece that will make others jealous.  For first place, we each got an embroidered blanket, also quite cuddly.

We tied with the combo team of Mac and Dinghy Committees.  Stations Committee was third.  Our own Amanda A sailed with the Associates Committee and Rick L sailed on the Trophy Committee.  The Race Officer was Darcy Cook and she will write her own blog.  She was assisted by Tom K and Debbie N, with mark setters Lynn L, Chuck N and Scott S.  Sean did the scores and registration.  Jill did the food, which was awesome.  Dwight participated in his first race this weekend, with the Stations Committee.

The trophy is the Fido Cup, awarded to the racing yacht Fido in 1913.  How appropriate!  We'll have all our trophies on display at our Appreciation Dinner, November 23.

Janet B
Photo by Amanda Mason

Monday, October 7, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013 - Last RYF

Two races completed. Boats in harbor before storm hit. Two T-10's threatened protests due to windward mark barging. Nothing filed. 

Fleet was 2 J-111, 7 E22, 8 T-10, 6 Sh, 2 L16 and one J70 with Rickover cadets as crew. 4 starts. J70 sailed nicely with Shields.

Wind started at 160 followed by wild shifts from 260 down to 110 due to instability of air. SE wind was not in any forecast. AP went up at first warning as we shifted course by 20 degrees. First legs were square enough. First race went inside out after first leg. We received compliments for not abandoning after first leg. Second race shifts were so wild we Charlied first three sections and withdrew Charlie for last section. 

Scott was great as solo line caller and finish line. He did 75% of the markset decisions and management as well. He called 2 Shields over in second race. This was his first time on line. Nikki was chief recorder, with Stephanie and Peggy (first day). Nikki was also watching me and confirmed my inaccuracies.

Olof and Chris C were very busy at the top with as many as 5 marks in Argo at once. Gaetan and Karen were steady performers at the bottom.

Then there was Rick, timer, sounder, course consultant to Scott, flag trainer, course board trainer so I had to AP once for my timing error in each race. We explained on the radio and had AP down holding delay to only 4 minutes each occurrence.

The sailors were happy, glad to be back before the rain only to be in time to take four masts down in the thunder and rain while  we all watched an supervised. The Belmont bride was forced to have her ceremony inside of Barge #2 but the sun came out for bridal photos on the dock.

Rick L.

Sunday, September 29, 2013 - Autumn Classic - 2nd Day

The second day of the Autumn Classic was another coolish norther.  This 2 day high school event had 20 420s in each of the two divisions and a total of 20 races were sailed.  We raced close to the harbor and coaches brought out the teams swapping in after every two races.

Lynn Lynch repeated from the first day and had Joanne and Janet B. aboard Vanena with Chuck at the top and Mike L. working the bottom of the course.


Saturday, September 28, 2013 - RYF

Pretty much a normal day on the RYF scene.  Rick was the Race Officer aboard Carrier with a small but strong team.  It was kind windy from the south.  3 races, Shields, Beneteau 36.7, Etchells

close finish - Split Decision wins!  With husband, wife and all 3 children aboard

trailing the green mark