Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday Night - November 23 - Appreciation & Oscars

I know that this party was a good one.  My only measure is that I had a fun time.

Many other people seem to have had fun with our theme and the marvelous decor put together by the Party Committee and club Staff.  The Service awards are lovely champagne flutes with a custom bag for the bottle ( not supplied so you can pick your own ).

Service Awards went to:
Olof A
Nancy A
Nick B - Nick has been promoted and is taking a new position in Reno!
Janet B 5
Cathy 5
Gaetan C
Melissa C
Christopher 1
Darcy C
Janet C
Collein D
Jill D
Nikki D
Sean E
Lisa G
Helle G
Jeff G
Chuck G
Joanne 1
John H
Bob J
Mary J
Lloyd K
Tom K
Karen 1
Rachel 2
Stephanie 1
Rick L
Lynn L
Elissa M
Tim M
Karen M
Jane M
Chris M
Mary M
Chuck N
Debbie N
Bob 5
Cathy P 1
Michelle R
Mimi R
Ellen S
Amy 1
Jerry S
Tim S
Nancy S
Scott S

The numbers represent milestone years of service
The biggest hit of the evening was the video, "Sad Race Committee Diaries" put together by Sean and Lynn.  It is hysterical, and we will try to get it on line for all to see again.  People were laughing too loud to catch all the lines.

Our own Robin F was the master of the red carpet and Chris Albanis was the main paparazzi.  Those photos will be available in the near future. 

Oscar Winners:
Most Dramatic Recovery: Helle's iPad
Best Production Design: Erik's Booklet
Best Blog Entry: NOOD, Erik 
Best Costume Design: Maleficent, Darcy Cook 
Best Cuisine: Robin's Coffee Cake
Best Picture: Kris H, It's going to be a long race
Best Performance in a   Leading Role: Bob J, 47 days
Best Performance in a Supporting Role: Helle calling all the volunteers
Best Quote: “Never leave the wheel when you are driving.” - blogged by Joanne G
Best Director: On the Water Director, Lynn, presented with a Director's Chair
Best Chair: Janet B - Thanks for the anemometer, you guys are too Nice!

Next up:  2014 planning.  All Race Committee meeting December 11, at Monroe 6:30

     Janet B

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