Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturday, May 25th - RYF

For the 2nd Saturday in row your Race Committee, fully staffed with the usual fun seeking, talented and wise staff, lived up to their well deserved reputation, despite the (lack of and variable) wind conditions!
After an AP on shore for the Etchells, Shields and Luders at 0910 hours, the RC set “sail” for the starting area.
The bottom line is that the Etchells, Shields and Luders, after the lowering of the AP on shore, decided not to race, leaving 2 fleets for the day – ORR1 and Beneteau 36.7’s.
At the end of the day 2 races were completed for the 2 fleets.
 Race 1 was 4 legs ( with a Charlie -) for the ORR1’s, and 3 legs (with the Charlie – and an “S”) for the Beneteau 36.7’s
Race 2 was scheduled for 4 legs, but resulted with an “S” to finish – a 2 leg race for both fleets.

Janet and Nick were the “STARS”of the day.  Janet for stepping up to point out that the RC needed to take corrective action when shortening at the Gate (Carrier looked like a finish line outside the gate) in order to avoid a possible journey to the protest room, and Nick for aggressively, and tactfully, assisting the RO in avoiding a few (senior moment) errors.
  Bob J., RO

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sunday, May 19th Rickover Invitational

The 4th Annual Rickover Invitational Clinic and Regatta was held today at the Chicago Yacht Club's Belmont Station.

The 11 competitors hit the tranquil waters of Lake Michigan for the 1045 hours warning. Two races were completed before a break for lunch was called. After lunch, back on the waters (calm), 2 more races were completed. The wind, what there was of it, challenged the sailors, and the Race Committee to read and re-read the SI's for the posted time limits.

The results were Loyola Academy 1 ; Loyola Academy 2; New Trier 3

The Star of the day was Mike who set 4 perfect courses!

Bob J, Race Officer

Saturday, May 18th - Racing Yachts Fleet

Saturday, May 18th - Racing Yachts Fleet

First RYF of season and first ORR of season. Three boats were represented at the skippers meeting announced in the NORs. Still a good idea to hold such meetings to get a few minds in the game and great as RC “butt cover” for those racers who later race and might claim ignorance.

Entrants consisted of:
-          9 Etchells
-          5 Shields – no Luders
-          5 T10’s combined with 2 J/70’s
-          3 36.7’s
-          3 J/111

Strong SE winds never materialized. Wind died at start. AP went up for 40 minutes while we searched for stability. I sent our windward markset on several wind chases and two false marksets prior to starting. Great hauling by Karen K. With the wind still unstable, we started on an average of 090, 1.25 long and 1.0 short. Line and course was off for the first two classes and the last two classes, but thankfully dead square for the Etchells who were the third start.

Saw wind ranging from 020 to 120 during the first race.

Observed J/70’s on maiden sail. They are slower than T10’s in light air. Started second race while T-10’s/J/70’s were finishing resulting in a gapped starting sequence. T10’s all started 5 minutes early, ignoring section flags and broadcasts. All came back in time to properly start.
Wind died at end of second race leaving many in a drifting finish.

Could have been a cold day but it turned out to be shorts and polo shirt conditions. Small RC crew of veterans got the job done. It would have been a great training day for newbies.

No issues with coincidental ORR and RYF racing. Boards were clear to all.

Rick L, PRO and the day’s RO

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Saturday, May 11 - High School Doublehanded Champs - Mallory Trophy

20 high school teams from around the country arrived on Friday to compete in the Doublehanded National Championship for the Mallory Trophy.  Chicago put on quite the show today with temperatures in the 40s all day and the winds doing every single thing possible.  We started the day at 210, 5-7 knots and incrementally walked right 200 degrees throughout the day.  The breeze reached as high as 30 knots for one race.  Needless to say it was a very long and cold day on the water but allowed for some great racing.

We had an all star team of RC, Judges and Volunteers to make the whole thing happen and they were amazing.  Hoping for some more consistent winds tomorrow!

And can someone please get the kids from the USVI some warmer clothes????

Lynn L.

Vlad - Sunday, May 5

More fun was had at the second day of the Vlad.  A great group was out today and we were able to get the full series completed for both fleets.  Although a short day - a lot of good RC work on the course.

The Blue Star Awards for the weekend went to the gate sharpshooters John H. and Tim S. for consistently setting square and even gates.  To quote Mr. S, they were the "Best. Gates. Ever".

We also had time for some class photos of Bob J.  :)  Thanks to all for a really fun weekend!

Lynn L.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Vlad Regatta - Saturday, May 4th

We had a GREAT day of racing today.  With some last minute sign-ups this morning we ended up with 8 V15s and 11 Lasers out on the water.  6 races in for the Laser fleet and 8 for the V15s.  After a light air start with some shiftiness, the wind settled in at 355 for the rest of the day.  Wind speeds were variable in the morning and built to about 7-10 for the afternoon.

High five to an excellent crew on the markset boats!  Nick B ran the weather mark boat with a rotating crew of Scott and Chuck while Tim S. and John H. held down the bottom end.  A short stalemate occurred when the markset boats refused to move any more marks until they received hot pot pies but it was resolved with the arrival of fresh, warm popcorn from the shore crew.

The signal boat was kept in stitches with the robust signing of Bob J. and Melissa C. and much fun was had playing the name game.

Overall, a great day to be on the water!  Tomorrow, only 4 races for the V15s and 3 for the Laser to complete the full series.

-Lynn L.

Saturday, April 27th - Race Committee Refresher

Saturday, April 27th - Race Committee Refresher

More than 50 people gathered at Belmont to spend the day refreshing their RC skills and learning new ones. 

The day started at 9:00 for boat operators who were reacquainted with the CYC fleet by Lynn L and Scott S.  New features were pointed out and we received many reminders of log sheets and check out sheets.  Then it was to the docks to practice in each boat, starting of course with the check out sheet and ending with the log sheet for each boat.

The rest of the Race Committee volunteers gathered for lunch then launched into a day of sharing information, skills training and stories.

Erik presented his booklet of information.  Behind his back, we changed the Book's cover page to read "Erik's Booklet" so that everyone can appreciate the work he has done on this and many other RC projects. Thanks, Erik!

New apparel for RC was presented.  This is pretty cool stuff and you can order online - see "RC Resources."

 We held several groups sessions and some modules where each person had to pick a topic to attend.  Thanks to all who volunteered to speak or run a module.

Topics included:
- RC Apparel
- Mac Race sign up
- Inter Committee Challenge
- Knots
- GPS for beginners
- For the record, including revised forms
- Wind Wand Party
- Radio Protocol
- Changes in the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2013
- Scoring
- Weather
- Race Documents
- Redress hearing
- Race documents

We ended the day with a social event, complete with drinks and some fancy appetizers.  Several stalwart volunteers then moved to the Smelt Party for more entertainment.

 Each participant went home with a copy of Erik's booklet, a day's credit and a Blue Star Award.

 Hope to see you all on the water soon!
     Janet B, Chair 2013

 Thanks to Tim S. for all the photos and for the photo on the cover of Erik's Booklet!

Sunday, April 21st - Frostbite Sailing

Sunday, April 21st - Frostbite Sailing

Morning Lasers and V-15’s

In the beginning Race Committee created the race course 'WL 4' for a 10:00 first warning. The RO saw that the course was good, and separated the Lasers from the V-15’s. The RO called the starting line square, the weather mark to weather, and the RO said, “Let there be sound,” and there was sound. 

The signal boat was stationed northeast of Belmont Harbor's red nun buoy. The course started @ 155° with a distance of approximately a ¼ of a nautical mile. Winds speeds ranged between 9 and 13 kts, waves at around 3 to 5 feet.  As the morning lead on, oscillations dominated  left on the puffs at approximately 15°, and the aggregated backed around approximately 10°. With the puffs and pressure on the left, so went the favored side of the course. RC adjusted the course throughout the morning, working to keep the legs true, and the course as competitive as possible.  Average race times of approximately 18 to 20 minutes provided.
Six Lasers and seven Vanguard 15’s came to the starting area, only one capsizing of a V-15, however, no foul - no damage. The competent skipper and crew weathered the remainder of the morning with the sunny skies, drying off the fridge lake chill.

Generally happy smiley faces, plenty of thank you’s and other pleasantries exchanged from the sailors to the RC. The X and G flags were kept down, as the racers exercised disciplined starts. Well that’s how I remembered it…

Five races were had by the Lasers, four races for the V-15s. Outstanding work on the mark-set and safely boats. Belmont Station was warm and welcoming upon our return off the water.

Afternoon 420’s – In Harbor

The signal boat stationed on mooring can in the Northwest corner of the harbor, with her stern off the bike path, giving enough room for a competitive starting area.   The weather mark was under the CYC yardarm, with approximately three to five boat lengths of maneuverability from the seawall and floating docks
Two boats came to the line, five races were had. One capsize at the leeward mark, crew performed a text book scoop as our safely boat team kept an outbound keel boat from creating havoc to our 420 crew whilst they righted their hull.

Winds were SE at approximately 135°, oscillations too vast and variable to calculate. Pressure favored the left, therefore, having speed and rights at the line was quite critical. Best starts would best the day...

Tim M.