Sunday, April 13, 2014

RC Refresher April 5, 2014

The refresher started with the boat operators refresher - anyone certified to drive must go through this course to drive this year.  Scott went over the specifics of each boat and then we had practice!  short drills in the harbor, controlled run, pivot turn, backwards slalom and docking.  The weather cooperated although the water is still pretty cold.

For the afternoon session we had a lot of people, including a fresh crop of newbies, which makes us all happy.  We spent a long time on introductions and went over some basics, then broke into working groups for learning and practice in knots, wind reading, radio, recording, GPS and other race committee skills.  The Race Officers discussed how to handle the 2014 crack down on bad sail numbers and other topics

main session

gallery & overflow seating

clove hitch - why on your own arm?

At the end of the day, we had a small celebration for Lynn to congratulate her on the new job and to wish her well in San Francisco.  We signed a burgee - the same one that flew over Belmont when Lynn first started here.  We gave her some praise and some stories and even a gift to remember us by.  Good Luck Lynn.  We'll miss you.

Janet B
  photos by Janet B, Jill Danly and whoever else grabbed the camera

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