Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, July 29 - NACC Day 3

NACC BLOG Day Three of Racing July 29, 2013

  • Wind conditions on the course saw calm seas – 1 to 2 feet, 5 – 7 knots. Winds started at 010 and clocked over to 030. There was one General Recall for the SONAR fleet, and one Charlie, +, Green for the SONAR fleet.

  • The RC performed very well. Many thanks from the competitors as they crossed the finish line.
  • Thanks to all the RC members who served, and a special  BIG thanks to Lynn and Grant who stepped up to the plate and chased around the course as our single MS boat!

Submitted by Bob J

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 28- NACC, Day 2

Day Two of Racing July 28, 2013
·      The bottom line - 4 races were completed for the SONAR’s and the 2.4’s; and 5 races were completed for the FREEDOM 20’s. A total of 24 races completed to date for the two days of racing.
·      Wind conditions on the course started with fairly calm seas – 1 to 2 feet, 5 – 6 knots and increasing and the conclusion of racing to over 10-12!
·      The RC performed very well.
·      A big thanks to all the team members for a well orchestrated “well done” for the sailors, and I know on the Signal Boat we had fun!
·      Winds were oscillating around 285 degrees – no change of course was required!
·      P.S. We think we experienced a seiche today!

Submitted by Bob J

Part of the NACC fleet after Day 2

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday, July 26 - NACC, Day 1


Day One of Racing July 27, 2013
·      The bottom line -  4 races were completed for the SONAR’s and FREEDOM 20’s; and 3 races were completed for the 2.4m
·      Wind conditions on the course started at lumpy, 5 – 6 knots and increasing and the conclusion of racing to over 10-12!
·      The RC members were  able to handle the different challenges very well
·      A big thanks to Lynn for keeping the PRO and the DPRO out of (reasonable) trouble.
·      Winds were oscillating around 305 to 310 degrees

       Bob J

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Saturday, July 20 - RYF

Saturday, July 20, 2013

It was an exciting and beautiful day as I attended my first Chicago Yacht Club racing event. With full sun and a light breeze, we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to enjoy Lake Michigan and have some fun in the sun.
As a guest observer aboard the 41 foot twin diesel boat (that interestingly enough used to be an off-shore oil rig tending), it was interesting to see how all the positions on the Race Committee Team worked so efficiently together, like a well-oiled machine. With Liz N. as a first time DRO, JoAnne G. as chief recorder, and Denise K. as flag hoist, it was an impressive first day for all of us.
The first race began at 11:00 am, with the wind at NW 350, and about 3 knots. We watched as it steadily marched to 208 by the end of the day. Our highest velocity was 9 knots, with majority of sailing at approximately 5 knots.
Our race was 8 Etchells on a long - long course, with two boats that couldn’t break the custom of a long – short course apparently. Both withdrew after finishing. It was a mixed variety of one T-10, five Shields, and seven Etchells.

There were a total of three races sailed on Saturday, along with a few valuable lessons learned. Some things we learned were to check flag inventory at the beginning of every day (the Mac crew left out an X ray and Lima flag) and to have our signal flag waving in the correct direction (right side up). Our final docking time was 16:20, with the ending of the day just as picturesque as the beginning. 
Katherine T., RC Rookie  

Look for more PR work from Katherine, who is an intern working on the NACC

Friday, July 12, 2013

Mid Summer Party

Mary M put together a delightful event for the Race Committee to celebrate the mid point of the season and of course, the Mac race.

Thanks Mary, and thanks to all who were there!  Here are some snapshots I took when I remembered towards the end of the party.

    Janet B